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Packing Clothes For A Move

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Out of all the tasks you have to do in preparation for a move, packing clothes can be one of the hardest. Unlike other valuables, your clothes come in a variety. You’ll have clothes for school, work, casual and formal wear just to name a few. This number can be very overwhelming sometimes. It’ll require your time and effort to pack all of these. Plus, your clothes are made from different fabrics. While some can be easily folded and kept, some are very prone to wrinkles and stains. This can become a struggle especially if you’ll be moving out of town. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the same struggles ever again – there are now simpler ways on how you can pack clothes for a move. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose what clothes to take with you: Regardless of how big or small your wardrobe is, there will always be some clothes which you keep but no longer use. These could either have sentimental value or are too expensive to throw away. But since you’re about to move, you have to choose what clothes to take with you. Bringing ones which you no longer use can lead to more moving expenses and cramped up space in your new house. Consider the tips below to help you out:
  • Schedule a couple of days to pack your clothes. You should start by sorting out which clothes are you using and which ones you don’t need. This can be easier said than done but for starters, you should get rid of clothes that are out of fashion, worn out and torn, and ones that don’t suit your style anymore. Clothes which you have outgrown should be sorted out too.
  • After sorting out your clothes, consider what you can do with the excess. Depending on the condition of your clothes, there are many options available for you. If your clothes can still be worn, you can either give them to charity or have a garage sale. If your clothes are damaged, throw them away.
  • As for the clothes which you still use, group them accordingly. You can choose to group them based from its material, season, size or need. Clothes in the same group should also be packed in the same place so it’ll be easy to unpack and arrange them in the new house. It’s also best if you do this as early as possible. You don’t want to stuff everything in one luggage because you no longer have enough time, right?
  1. Choose what to wear during the move: You can’t possibly go through piles of boxes on the day of the move just to find something to wear. This is time-consuming and inconvenient. This is why you should plan what you are going to wear during the move and exclude these in your packing boxes. This should include your home wear, pajamas, and seasonal clothes just in case the weather starts to change unexpectedly. Aside from deciding what to wear during the actual move, you should also prepare a “moving week” box of clothing. You’ll need time to unpack everything once you arrive in the new house and this will last for days and even weeks. With a “moving week” box of clothing, you’ll know where to get your clothes during those days without the need of opening a lot of boxes.
  2. Pack your clothes: You might have been moving from one house to another for years now but that doesn’t guarantee that you’re already a pro in packing your clothes. On the contrary, you might even realize how hard this task can be. You might be doing the same packing strategies repeatedly but still end up with wrinkled, damaged or torn clothes. To make your move easier and more convenient, use the tips below:
  • If you’re keeping your clothes in your dresser, don’t empty it. Move your dresser as is to save you time from packing and unpacking everything that’s stored in it. Just make sure that you’ll use a stretch wrap to secure the drawers.
  • The last thing you want to do after the move is ironing your clothes. You’re probably tired from the move and don’t have the energy to iron anything. The solution? Hang clothes in wardrobe boxes. These are very easy to use and will keep your clothes wrinkle-free no matter how far you’ll need to travel. Wardrobe boxes aren’t cheap but these can save you a lot of stress and hassle.
  • Your suitcases aren’t only useful during travels; it can also serve as a storage space for your clothes when you’re moving. If you have expensive clothes such as those which are made from designer brands, pack them in your suitcases. Suitcases can be easily identified among your moving boxes, making it easy for you to locate where these clothes are.
  • Removing your clothes from hangers and then putting them back again is tedious work. Good thing, there are now garbage and vacuum bags to help you out. With these, you won’t need to remove anything from the hangers. You just have to put a hole on top of these garbage and vacuum bags for the hanger, tie them at the bottom and you’re good to go. These can also keep all of your clothes clean.
  • Nothing still beats regular boxes when you’re packing your clothes. These are cheap and can carry a lot of your clothes. If you’re planning to use regular boxes for your move, don’t forget to label each of these. You don’t want your clothes to be mixed-up with someone else’s box.
  • Aside from using different approaches in packing your clothes, it would also help if you’ll hire a professional moving company. Since these are professionals, you’ll rest assured that your clothes and other valuables are in good hands. If you’re moving anywhere in New York City, hiring an NYC moving company can do wonders for you.

Only pack clean and dry clothes: This is a no-brainer. When you pack dirty clothes, other clothes can get stained as well. This can damage your clothes especially ones which are made from delicate items. Wet clothes can also cause mold and odor to other clothes as well. And most of the time, these can’t be removed.

Pack Properly

Your clothes are important in a lot of ways. These can help you create an impression, express yourself and stand out from the crowd. It might even be your long-term investment. If you want to use your clothes the same way you’re using them now, pay attention to how you’re packing them for a move. Packing your clothes in the right way with the right materials can guarantee that all of these can still be in good condition regardless of the hours you’ll have to travel for the move.

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