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5 Invaluable Pieces of Advice for Hiring a Last Minute Moving Company

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A lack of time can skyrocket one’s stress levels. People often blame it for everything that’s going wrong. An urgent move is a race against time.

A last minute moving company is meant to do more than help you with the heavy lifting. They can help you battle the clock to move in a hurry and save you a lot of stress in the process. But what company to pick? What to do to avoid being ripped off?

If you need to hire a last minute moving company and you have no idea what to do, we can help you out with 5 invaluable pieces of advice:

1. Go for a fully licensed and insured company.

It shouldn’t even cross your mind to pick an uninsured and unregistered company, even if it’s much cheaper or it makes big promises. The US Department of Transportation obliges all movers to follow strict regulations. That’s very important.

Also, you need the guarantee that all of your belongings will arrive to the destination in one piece and that nothing goes missing. Keep in mind, there are different kinds of insurance. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before proceeding.

2. Hire only a company that is specialized in last minute moving.

There are moments in life when you can settle for something less than what you really want or need. This is not one of those.

Last minute moving is a complex task. Not all movers can handle it. A regular moving company might not have the resources to provide quick services. As there is no time to lose, you have to pick a team experienced in dealing with all the aspects of last minute moving.

When every minute counts, you can’t afford any delays. You need a team that knows exactly how to get everything done flawlessly on a very short notice.

If a company doesn’t focus on last minute moving, just look further. Don’t accept any potential deal-breakers.

3. Don’t shy away from asking questions.

When you have to move quickly, get in touch with movers immediately and ask for their availability. Some of them might be booked weeks in advance. The fact that they perform last minute moves doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always available.

Many people are afraid to ask too many questions or to ask for advice because they feel a bit vulnerable when they don’t know something. This situation might be familiar to you as well.

If something is not completely clear, don’t hesitate to double-check in order to avoid any misunderstandings. If you require additional services apart from the advertised ones, don’t make any assumptions. Just ask.

4. Don’t try to find bargains.

This is definitely not the time to make any compromises. You might be tempted to cut corners get the cheapest services out there. Just don’t.

A moving company is much more than a few strong fellows and a truck. More often than not, very cheap services can bring along many problems and additional costs.

No one says that you should splurge and go for the most expensive company in NYC. Yet it’s important to realize the fact that a last minute move involves a lot of costs: trucks, gas, employees, packing, etc.

Amazing experiences don’t come for cheap prices. There are last minute moving companies out there that offer costs that are as reasonable as they could get.

5. Pay attention to red flags.

It is not unheard of for people to get scammed by fake companies. Do your homework: carefully evaluate your options, read reviews, investigate and get estimates.

Make sure you go for a reputable company. Everything is online nowadays. If you can’t find anything about a certain firm apart from a rather shady website, the firm itself might not exist at all.

The right company can make a world of a difference

Whether you move to a different part of the city, country or world, you need to have a reliable team on your side. Choose wisely and you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe.

Follow our simple guidelines to save money, have a team of experts by your side, and enjoy excellent services.This will compensate the lack of time and allow you to focus on the new chapter of your life.