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Moving Check List

Even with ample time on your hands, planning and coordinating a move is always complicated. With a million and one things to worry about, it’s easy to see how even the most organized person could forget something important. Throw in an expedited, or even same-day move, and forgetting something essential is almost guaranteed.

That’s one reason that the moving experts at Last Minute Moving recommend writing a comprehensive checklist prior to each move. Writing a list allows ultimate peace-of-mind that nothing is being overlooked.

To help you get started, we’ve provided a sample checklist, plus some added moving tips based on past customer’s experiences. We’ve chosen items that should included in almost every move. Do add as many other items as you see fit. It’s always better to include too many items, rather than not enough.


Our Moving Checklist


  • Gather Up Those Boxes. Waiting until the last minute to find sturdy, high-quality boxes is a common mistake. If possible, start searching & collecting weeks in advance. Choosing previously used boxes not only saves money, but is also better for the environment.
  • Start Packing Early. It’s always surprising how much time it takes to pack up even the smallest studio. Start slowly packing non-essentials weeks out, eventually moving to the essential as moving day gets closer.


  • Label Everything. As you finish packing up each box, be sure to specifically label what’s inside. The relief of getting that last box into your new place will be short-lived if you can’t remember where your stuff is stored.


  • Pack Your Suitcase. What items will you need while most of your things are in transit? Don’t forget that you’ll still need fresh clothes, toiletries, and more while your move is on going.


  • Service Your Car. In the middle of a big move, no one needs to deal with broken down car containing half of your belongings. Especially if moving long-distance, ensure your car is in tiptop shape.


  • Fix Any Damages. Especially when moving out of an apartment and wanting that security deposit, don’t wait until the last minute to address any possible damages or areas that may need substantial cleaning.


  • Take Inventory. Write down a list of each box, item of furniture, and separate appliances. Once moved into your new place, this will be essential in ensuring everything made it.


  • Plan for the Payment. Make sure you’re all set to pay your mover, including tip, in the previously agreed upon method and amount.


  • Inform People of your Move. From family and friends, to banks, jobs and subscription services, ensure you let all of the important people or business of your upcoming move and new address. 
  • Official Change of Address. Through your post office or online at usps.gov, fill out and submit your official change-of-address form. Ask a trusted former neighbor to keep an eye out for any mail not forwarded to your new address.

Any other tips you love or think we should add? Let us know!If you’re looking for professional, customer-focused movers specializing in last minute and same day relocation’s, trust Last Minute Moving.