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Why To Choose Us

Our expert movers will make your same day move smooth and carefree

Sometimes, life gets complicated. There are countless reasons why you might get stuck planning a last minute, or even same day, move. Especially in New York City, it’s never an easy task. Count on Last Minute Moving and we promise you’ll have a partner dedicated to making this transition as stress-free as possible.

So why might you be stuck with a last minute or same day move?

  • The moving company you booked is a no-show. Proof that even the best laid plans can fail. Whether it’s a cancellation, or just a lack of customer service, sometimes the moving company you counted on doesn’t show up when you need them most.


  • The moving company you booked pulls a bait and switch. They sounded so nice on the phone! However moving day arrives and the guaranteed four-team moving crew is now just one, and the promised “massive truck” is a cargo van. Now what?


  • Your place is unlivable. Living in NYC, we’ve all heard the horror stories. Constantly flooding bathrooms. Rat infested apartments. Dishonest Craigslist ads. Horrible landlords. Whether out of frustration or necessity, it’s time to get out of there.


  • Life happens. We know life can be a roller coaster. Amazing jobs are offered out of nowhere. Relationships end (or begin). You’ve put up with your crazy roommate for the last time. Family obligations come up. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you transition to your next great home.

As NYC’s premier expedited moving search engine, we are committed to finding you the perfect moving service so you can focus on more important things. No need to compare dozens of emergency moving companies. Last Minute Moving will only match you with incredible moving services specialized in expedited moves, same day moves, and complete customer satisfaction for both residential and commercial property. If we don’t trust them 100%, we won’t hire them.

Services Our Partners Offer:

Count on all of our partner services to provide all of the below services and more.

  • Expedited Moves
  • Same Day Moves
  • Commercial & Residential Relocation
  • Local, Long-Distance & International Moves
  • Packing Services

No matter if you’re forced to quickly relocate your large company out to the West Coast, or simply moving your Brooklyn studio apartment downstairs, rest assured that your property is in great hands. Our goal is to let you focus on the more important things during this transition.

Take the hassle out of moving. Count on Last Minute Moving to match you with the perfect, professional moving service in New York City and the greater tri-state area.